The Light Rail Stop in Albertslund

The Loop City Light Rail will have 27 trains running on 28 kilometres of tracks stopping on 29 stations. One of these stops will be in Albertslund.

The Light Rail Stop in Albertslund - Albertslund Kommune

The Light Rail stop in Albertslund will be situated in the eastern part of Hersted Industrial Park. Operations are planned to start in 2025. The station will a transport hub for commuters and residents in Hersted Industrial Park/Albertslund Skovbyerne. The Light Rail stop offers an excellent opportunity to invest in the area or develop your business.

At the moment the area offers possibilities for retail, offices and public use such as education. In the future there will opportunities for investing and developing housing areas and infrastructure.

A few facts about Hersted Industrial Park:

The total area is 160 hectares.

The remaining space for construction is 1 million square meters

Because of the size, development will be ongoing over a span of 20 - 30 years.

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