New Light Rail in Greater Copenhagen

The Light Rail will from 2025 run every five minutes in each direction during daytime hours, and every ten minutes in the evenings and at weekends.

New Light Rail in Greater Copenhagen - Albertslund Kommune

The Light Rail will make it easy, rapid and comfortable to travel across Greater Copenhagen. The light rail will run every five minutes in daytime hours, with no fixed timetable, and with connections to S-trains at six stations. It will stop close to DTU (Technical University of Denmark), Herlev and Glostrup Hospitals, and a large number of other workplaces, shops and cultural and sporting venues including a stop at Hersted Industrial Park. The light rail stop in Albertslund will give an easy access for workplaces and residents in Hersted Industrial Park.

For most of its alignment, the light rail will run on its own track, separated from the rest of the traffic at the side or middle of the road. At a few locations, due to the lack of space it will mingle with other traffic.

A light rail system makes little noise and is highly ecofriendly, running on electricity and with plenty of space for 200-230 passengers in each train, which corresponds to the number of passengers in about four city busses. 

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