LOOP City - a part of Greater Copenhagen

Albertslund is part of LOOP CITY. LOOP CITY is a movement from 10 suburbs west of Copenhagen into one, connected city.

LOOP City - Albertslund Kommune

LOOP CITY is a movement towards intelligent solutions, where we do things together in new, better and smarter ways. A movement supported by a light rail system, which will ensure mobility and new connections. These connections will link Greater Copenhagen in new ways – by making it much easier for a qualified workforce to travel across the city.

LOOP CITY has a goal to create growth and development along the light rail. LOOP City will therefore be initiating various activities to realise the high economic growth potential that exists along the light rail corridor.

As an investor or a business in Albertslund this means, that you will have access to a high class infrastructure easily connected with the rest of the Greater Copenhagen area. A light rail, trains, motorways and an airport is within easy reach. The intensive infrastructure means that you will have access to a highly qualified labour force within the Greater Copenhagen region.

Your business in Albertslund will also be connected to the rest of the world by a high-speed fiber connection. The Greater Copenhagen Fiber running trough LOOP City will offer a world-class digital infrastructure, making your business easily connected with the rest of the world.

See the movie LOOP City - a necessary leap into the future:


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