Hersted Industrial Park 2045

Hersted Industrial Park 2045 is the home of Greater Copenhagen's leading Smart City-technology for businesses and housing. The area will be a community supported by smart city technology leading towards tomorrow's sustainable urban areas

Hersted Industrial Park 2045 - Albertslund Kommune

The establishment of the DOLL Living Lab, Greater Copenhagen City Light Rail and the planned redevelopment of Hersted Industrial Park has prompted a new project in Albertslund: 

We are working to establish a new community as a collective location for businesses, Smart City technologies and housing areas. The aim is to renew the vision for Albertslund - a city founded in the 1960s based on a sense of community and sustainability - in to a new area that has the same values but in a modern context.

The perspectives for Hersted Industrial Park 2045 

Hersted Industrial Park 2045 will serve as the hub for Smart City technology in Greater Copenhagen - companies, start-ups, research and educational institutions.

Housing areas will be based on the values of community and a sustainable living, shared resources and a close connection with both the city and the nature.  

A few facts:

  • 6,000 jobs and 6,000 new dwellings
  • 24,000 new residents
  • A mixture of family homes, apartment houses and different shared facilities - suited for different ways of living