Hersted Industrial Park

With an area of 160 hectares, Hersted Industrial Park is home to over 400 companies and northern Europe's leading test center for light and Smart City solutions. A light rail stop in Hersted prompts the redevelopment of the park into a hub for the future's Smart City technologies for businesses and housing.

Hersted Industrial Park - Albertslund Kommune

Hersted Industrial Park is the centre of future business and urban Development in Albertslund - especially green innovative techology such as Smart City and lighting technology.

DOLL Living Lab

The DOLL Living Lab allows manufacturers and suppliers of outdoor lighting to test their products in a 1:1 environment. Here companies can test and demonstrate intelligent lighting, control systems, and Smart City technologies. Living Lab allows municipalities and end-users to assess the experienced quality, aesthetics, and safety-creating elements of these lighting solutions, giving them the opportunity to make more informed buying decisions. 

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Light Rail

By 2025 there will be a new light rail connecting Copenhagen's outer suburbs, running from Lundtofte north of Copenhagen to Ishøj in the south. One of the stops along the light rail will be in Hersted Industrial Park in Albertslund, meaning that an anticipated 43,000 rail passengers per day will have direct access to Hersted. 

Hersted Industrial Park 2045

Hersted Industrial Park is the future home of 12,000 dwellings and 24,000 residents. The Light Rail and the establishment of the DOLL Living Lab in Hersted have spurred a redevelopment plan that aims to concentrate Smart City-technology to support innovation and development of businesses and housing areas. 

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