Expand your business in Greater Copenhagen

Greater Copenhagen is great for business. Welcome to investment opportunities, major new urban development areas, excellent public-private partnerships and a major network in Scandinavia and Europe

Greater Copenhagen is 4.3 million citizens, 11 universities, strong business clusters and easy access to markets in Sweden and Denmark.

Behind Greater Copenhagen are three regional and 46 local municipalities creating new business opportunities in the global marketplace.

Consult the official investmentsite Investcph and get free business services when contemplating investing or locating in Greater Copenhagen. 

Business innovation hand in hand with Urban Deveopment

The road and rail networks in Greater Copenhagen provide one-day access to over 1.200 European cities and more than 100 million consumers. Copenhagen Airport is a major transport hub in Northern Europe. Copenhagen´s ports are among the largest in Europe. Major logistics providers including FedEx and UPS, are located in the region.

27 km Light Rail Network has been planned connecting the suburban cities surrounding Copenhagen in a common effort to develop further growth in Greater Copenhagen.

The city of Albertslund has a strong focus on lighting and Smart City technology as we engage in green innovation and environmental thinking. Hence we combine the creation of a lighting metropolis in southern Scandinavia with our urban and business development efforts alongside the investment in the new light railway station in one of our developing areas.

Frontrunner in public-private partnership

It is widely known that Denmark holds a strong position as a green frontrunner. One of our strenghts are the collaboration and partnerships between business, research institutions and public investments.

The City of Albertslund is a key player in developing Smart City technology in the Greater Copenhagen. Our network is extensive, across business, research and the public sector. We´re in close cooperation with companies working in Denmark and the global market, wanting to act quickly and share our ideas.

Game changer in green innovation

The City of Albertslund is home to Hersted Industripark where more than 400 companies are located, along with DOLL Living Lab, Europes largest full-scale test facility for lighting and smart urban services.

Albertslund has won numerous awards for its environmental initiatives and has a strong commitment to reduce energy consumption and incorporate environmental thinking into all its operations.

Free business consultancy services

Greater Copenhagen offers free business consulting services to foreign-owned businesses contemplating investing or locating in Greater Copenhagen.
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