Working in Denmark

With good working conditions and high salaries, Denmark is a great place to work!

Working in Denmark - Albertslund Kommune

Welfare Society

Denmark is a welfare society, meaning that you have to pay taxes on your wages. However, paying into the welfare system ensures that you have access to welfare services, including childcare, healthcare, and education. All citizens have equal access to these welfare services. 

Good Work Environment

Unlike many other working environments around the world, Denmark's business culture has a horizontal structure - management and employees enjoy very open dialogues. 

Balance of Work and Family

A balance between work and family life is highly encouraged in Danish workplaces. Most workers are limited to 37 hours of work per week, and employers are often very flexible about accommodating schedules. All Danish workers get 5 weeks of paid holiday time per year. 

Finding Work

Denmark offers jobcenters where employees can have access to IT services for job hunting, and two web portals (WorkinDenmark and Jobnet) where employees can post their CVs and search for job openings. Additionally, jobs can be found by sending unsolicited applications, answering advertisements, and searching for work through personal networks. 


There is no mandated minimum wage in Denmark, however labor unions are very well-organized and active, generally setting high standards for wages. After tax deductions, salaries in Denmark are equivalent to many other European countries, which are generally higher than the rest of the world. 


To work in Denmark, you are required to have a residence and work permit. There are a number of different ways to obtain a work permit based on employee qualifications. Learn more about obtaining a work permit in Denmark.