Living in Albertslund

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Living in Albertslund - Albertslund Kommune

Albertslund has a population of approximately 29,000 inhabitants and lies 17km outside of Copenhagen (it takes less than 20 minutes to get to Copenhagen by train!). Environmental issues, opportunities for children and young people, and a variety of cultural and leisure activities are a high priority. 


Cultural variety, a good environment for children, and green living are some of the reasons why Albertslund is a pleasant place to live. In Albertslund, you can see a good movie at Albertslund Theater, find a good book at the Main Library, take a swim at Badesøen, learn to play an instrument at the Music School, visit the Viking Village, watch a performance at the Music Theater, or attend a concert at Forbrændingen. 


Albertslund's housing mainly consists of high-density, low-rise buildings that contribute to a sense of community and public participation. There is rental, cooperative, and owner-occupied housing in Albertslund, as well as youth housing and residence halls. Over the next 10 years, over half of the town's residents will have their homes renovated to improve energy efficiency. 


60% of Albertslund is green space, most of which lies in the wooded area Vestskoven, which has been planted gradually since 1967. These woods cover 1,500 hectacres and are home to a variety of plant and animal life. The city also has five parks and an abundance of greenery in residential areas. 


Albertslund has long been recognized for the high standard of its facilities and initiatives for children, envrionmental education, and a broad spectrum of cultural and recreational activities for children and young people. The city has 4 elementary schools and 17 daycares, as well as numerous recreational and youth clubs. Over 75% of the food served to children in nurseries and kindergartens is organic. 


In 2008, Albertslund became the first 100% environmentally certified municipality in Denmark. Since 1993, the city has been preparing a Green Accounting Statement showing the consumption of heat, electricity and water, and the production of waste and CO2 emissions. Albertslund is also a partner in the Green Cities network, striving towards COneutral energy consumption and implementing climate initiatives in a number of areas, such as environmental certification, sustainable purchasing ("green") policies, sustainable renovation and construction of buildings, encouraging renewables as well as promoting sustainable citizen behavior and alternatives to car traffic. Albertslund has won numerous awards for its environmental initiatives, including the 2011 Nordic Energy Municipality. 


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