Greater Copenhagen Amenities

Denmark is the happiest country in the world and Copenhagen is consistently ranked among the best places to live!

Copenhagen Region amenities - Albertslund Kommune

Greater Copenhagen has a population of approximately 3.8 million people consisting of 46 municipalities. Greater Copenhagen is a green metropolis that offers abundant culture and activity for its residents, making it a great place to live and work.  

Culture and Leisure

Copenhagen is a unique and historic cultural center bringing together people young and old from around the world. Greater Copenhagen is home to attractions like Tivoli, the Copenhagen Zoo, the Louisiana Museum, and hosts many festivals, shows, and other activities.

Every municipality in Greater Copenhagen offers free library services, cultural and recreational facilities, parks, and clubs and associations. There is always something to do in Copenhagen!

Accomodation and housing

There is lots of diversity in housing in Greater Copenhagen, ranging from one-room flats in the center of the city to large single-family homes in Hellerup, the "Beverly Hills of Copenhagen."

As is the case in many cities, housing in the center of the city is often more expensive and scarce and housing in the suburbs is usually more inexpensive.

In Copenhagen only about 20 percent of housing units are owner-occupied, though in the suburbs homeownership is more common. Social housing is an affordable option in the city and the suburbs; approximately 20 percent of the housing in Copenhagen is social housing, and in some of Copenhagen's suburbs as much as 65 percent of the housing stock is social housing. 

Commuting in the region

Greater Copenhagen has very punctual and reliable public transportation and a well-maintained and connected road network, making it easy to get to and from work in the region.

Perhaps the most efficient mode of transportation in the region, however, is by bicycle. Greater Copenhagen has an extensive network of bike trails and bike highways throughout the entire region making biking the fastest and cheapest way to get around the area. About 40 percent of Copenhagen workers travel by bike to work every day! 

Travel in Europe

Greater Copenhagen is well positioned in the heart of Scandinavia and has easy access to many locations in Europe. Malmö, Sweden is just a 25 minute train ride from Copenhagen Central Station, and Hamburg, Germany is a 4 hour train ride away. The Copenhagen airport offers flights to over 140 destinations worldwide. 

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