Albertslund promotes and encourages business in Greater Copenhagen

Network - Albertslund Kommune

Greater Copenhagen offers many opportunities for businesses to work with other companies and research institutions.

Albertslund's Business Center also has the network and know-how to connect you to the right Danish authorities and business networks.

Greater Copenhagen is home to numerous universities and research institutions that can help your business with R&D and provide highly-skilled employees.

Many of these universities have networks of their own, often all around the world, that can additionally benefit your business. 

Universities in the Copenhagen Region

University of Copenhagen

Roskilde University

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

University of Aalborg in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Business School

IT University of Copenhagen (ITU)

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts



DOLL is a platform for developing LED lighting solutions and Smart City technologies and is formed as a consortium consisting of the organization Gate 21, the Technical University of Denmark, and the City of Albertslund. DOLL has an extensive network of partner organizations, including municipalities, regional governments, private companies, and research institutions. DOLL's network is particularly helpful to companies specializing in photonics and Smart City technologies. 

Learn more about DOLL. 

Albertslund's Business and Development Center has extensive connections to the Danish authorities and organisations that can be helpful to you when you wish to establish your business or expand to Danish markets. Let us connect you with the right people.

CopCap - promoting growth in Copenhagen

Learn more from CopCap about setting up business in a regional perspective.

CopCap promotes business opportunities in Copenhagen, and will give you insight into the key industries: life science, cleantech and ICT, and identify specific market potential.

Also they provide: 

  • Business Start-up Services, that will reduce your time-to-market in Copenhagen
  • Land and Property Search, that will help you find the right premises for your operations
  • Partner Search and Matchmaking, that will connect you to their extensive network to build powerful technology partnerships, strategic company alliances and strong investment portfolios
  • Build a Business Case for Copenhagen, that will help you in building a strong, convincing business case that will prove the value of your investment or set-up in Copenhagen.

CopCap has knowledge of Scandinavian, European, Asian and Middle Eastern languages.

The Danish Business Authority

Learn more about setting up businesses in Denmark  in a national perspective. The Danish Business Authority endeavours to create the best conditions for growth in Europe, and to make it easy and attractive to run a business in Denmark. 

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