Global interest in DOLL

Investment advisers from China, USA and India see great potential in DOLL Living Lab in Albertslund. They believe that the companies would be interested in becoming a part of DOLL

Global interest in DOLL - Albertslund Kommune

Albertlund's new showroom for the future of lighting technology, DOLL Living Lab, has a growing interest from all over the globe. A TV crew from Taiwan made a feature on the site, and CNN, BBC and New York Times will be visiting DOLL and the test-area in Hersted Industrial Park in this autumn.

It's not just the media, who are interested in the technology. On Friday the 26th of september a meeting with a delegation from Invest in Denmark - a so-called investment promotion agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – took place. Here, the project was presented to them.

The Delegation consisted of investment advisers from China, USA and India, and they all saw great potential in DOLL Living Lab.

Real and tangible

"Indian companies would clearly be interested. The companies that I speak to, are working with hardware and software, and here everybody is talking about smart city. So they will be interested to see, if they can be become part of the technology, " explained Shanker Subramaniam , the Country Manager for India.

He appreciated the opportunity to see the technology first hand.
"Given that it is real and tangible here, I will have a specific story to tell in India, when I talk about Denmark as a place for innovation and a place for sustainability. So the project really lived up to my expectations."

China is ready

During the presentation, some of the questions was whether Chinese companies was technologically advanced enough to reap the benefits of DOLL. Ryan Yao, who is an investment manager for the Chinese market, estimated, that even now there will be a market in China.

"For some Chinese companies it make sense already, since they are already prepared for the technology. The Chinese segment focuses on phonetics and LED. So it is very attractive to see things as DOLL, which can lead to opportunities for Chinese investments, "said Ryan Yao, who had high praise for DOLL in general.

"It is very impressive and unique, and it gives some very useful information, that I can bring back home. So I would definitely recommend DOLL to companies in China, "he said.