Greater Copenhagen

It's the fast-developing region where you should do business!

Albertslund's location in Greater Copenhagen opens the doors to many business opportunities, and the infrastructure and short distances make it an excellent place for transportation of goods as well as easy acces for employees from the whole of Greater Copenhagen.

Quick and easy acces by motorway, train and bicycle

Albertslund is located just 17 km from the city center of Copenhagen and is connected to Copenhagen by an intensive network of train routes, motorways, and even a bicycle super highway.

The road and rail networks in Greater Copenhagen provide one-day access to over 1,200 European cities and over 100 million consumers.

The ports of Greater Copenhagen are among the largest in Europe and major logistics providers, including FedEx and UPS, are located in the region. 

Light Rail

By 2025, Albertslund will be connected to Copenhagen's peripheral municipalities with a light rail that will make travel to and from other cities even more convenient.