Human Capital

Greater Copenhagen is one of the best places in Europe to find highly-skilled employees.

Human capital - Albertslund Kommune

Quality employees for your business is easy to find in Greater Copenhagen:

  • 86% of Danes speak English, 58% speak German
  • Copenhagen is home to Scandinavia's largest pool of privately and publicly employed researchers
  • 96% of Danes finish a secondary education program, and 47% a tertiary one
  • Greater Copenhagen is home to many universities and knowledge institutions, including the Technical University of Denmark and University of Copenhagen, that provide a constant supply of highly-skilled workers
  • Special tax regimes are available to businesses that hire highly-skilled expatriates from abroad

Recruiting employees

Albertslund has a Jobcenter which gives access to IT services for job hunting, and two web portals (WorkinDenmark and Jobnet) where employees can post their CVs and search for job openings.

As an employer you can also advertise jobs at these portals. WorkinDenmark is in both English and Danish whereas Jobnet is solely in Danish.