Ambitious Green Goals

Albertslund recognize the importance of setting ambitious green goals and collaborate actively with global partners in meeting them on a local level

Green goals - Albertslund Kommune

Commercial partner

A central focus of Albertslund is Green Growth, highly qualified employees and the creation of growth by using the citys resources actively. We define ourselves as a partner in commercial and innovative development both on a local, regional and global level. Thus we engage in international network and collaboration to bring together the nescessary capacities and ressourceres.

Partnership with Cisco

The municipalities of Copenhagen, Albertslund and Frederikssund has formed a partnership with Cisco which will research and develop tomorrow's digital infrastructure, the Internet of Everything. The goal is to strengthen services for citizens while supporting Copenhagen's climate targets. The three municipalities have a clear green profile. cisco also participate in the creation of Smart City Solutions in the City of Albertslund

The City of Albertslund collaborate with The Capital Region of Denmark in the creation of growth and development through ReVUS (the regional strategy for Green, Healthy, Smart and Creative Growth) and Interreg (European funding for interregional cooperation)

International Network

A Central part of our international engagement is the participation in network and public-private partnerships in which we engage in innovation and development:

The mayor of Albertslund has committed the City to meet and exceed the 20% CO2 reduction by 2020.

The Covenant of Mayors is the mainstream European movement involving local and regional authorities, voluntarily committing to increasing energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources on their territories.

The Climate Alliance is the European network of local authorities committed to the protection of the world's climate. The member cities and municipalities aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at their source.

Their allies in this endeavour are the Indigenous People of the rainforests in the Amazon Basin.

DOLL's aim is to create energy efficiency and intelligent indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, and to generate jobs. DOLL supports municipalities, regions and private companies, in cooperation with scientists, with the development of new and improved lighting solutions.

Large-scale tests

In Albertslund they facilitate large-scale testfacilities demonstrating new climatefriendly and energyefficient technologies. At present 20 national and international companies are testing and demonstrating their outdoor lighting facilities in a 9 kilometer test bed in Albertslund.

Private Companies

Among these private companies are Zumtobel Group, Cisco and Global Connect. DOLL is a collaboration between The City of Albertslund, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), and Gate 21. The City of Albertslund has a partnership in Gate 21.