The A Lamp - Elegant and Sustainable Lighting

Albertslund has developed a highly efficient LED-Lamp for city lighting. Green Technology for the Renovated City has resulted in LED tunnel lighting and 110 A-Lamps throughout the city

The Municipality of Albertslund has developed a park lamp called the A lamp.

The old filament bulbs has been replaced by energy-efficient LEDs. The advantages are significant as the A lamp provides large energy-savings, high energy-efficiency, longer service life and robustness.

Energy efficient lamp

The A-Lamp is eco-friendly and so energy- efficient that three of its kind can replace four conventional lamps and payback time is only seven years. It complies with all requirements for light quality, light effect, and energy efficiency, has lower maintenance costs and is less prone to vandalism or blackout.

The design allows for the replacement of diodes as soon as more efficient ones are available.

Albertslund has finished a LED tunnel lighting project and has installed 110 A-Lamps throughout the city. The avoidance of CO2 may amount to 3 tons annually, saving the city approx. 1,150 euros.

40% reduction of energy use

A result of the project is that The Municipaliity of Albertslund reduced its energy consumption by 40%.

The A lamp ensures good outdoor lighting and a minimal amount of energy waste. The A lamp has been installed in the parks, centres and pathways of the municipality.

Luminous stones

The project has also resulted in the development of luminous stones powered by solar cells and based on 100% renewable energy.

A result of cooperation

The A-Lamp is the product of cooperation and co-financing between Albertslund, a designer, a light technology R&D institute, a manufacturer and an energy company.

A fine base for a major push towards energy-efficient renovation of existing lighting, it was awarded the Danish ELFORSK research award 2009 (in danish).