Smart City technologies in Copenhagen

Smart City technologies will make the future's cities more efficient and sustainable.

Smart City technology - Albertslund Kommune

Smart City - by some called 'digital city', 'connected cities' or 'future data network' -  is central to Albertslund's development. Smart City technologies will help to improve services to citizens while reducing resource consumption and increasing efficiency.

Albertslund takes the lead

Albertslund has invested in new technologies and forms public-private partnerships that encourage innovation in this field. We are highly engaged in the transition to Smart-city tecnologies, following two paths: "Internet of Everything" and "Outdoor Lighting."

Albertslund's businesses and organizations take part in making Copenhagen one of the world leaders in Smart City technology.

The Internet of Everything - new digital infrastructure

The Internet of Everything is the term used for the intelligent networks and technology architecture that Cisco provides in the global market.

Cisco and three municipalities in the Copenhagen Region have formed a partnership to research and develop these cities' digital infrastructure, including intelligent street lighting and energy-saving technologies in office buildings and private homes.

This project allows many of Albertslund's parking, kiosks, and mobile services, among other things, to be developed, validated, and scaled all within one network. 

Learn more about the Internet of Everything partnership with Cisco

Testbed for outdoor lighting and management systems

In Albertslund a well-developed grid of street lighting can offer the fundamental infrastructure necessary to develop a network of Smart City technologies, including Smart City lighting management systems.

Manufacturers and suppliers of outdoor lighting can test their products in a 1:1 environment when forming a partnership with The DOLL Living Lab.

Private companies and cities can test and demonstrate intelligent lighting, control systems, and Smart City technologies.

Learn more about the DOLL Living Lab

Smart Cities - Smart City Opportunities in Denmark

Invest in Denmark has issued "Reach out and plug into smart city activities in Denmark" where DOLL is emphasized as Denmark's leading role in Smart City technologies. In this video DOLL is used as an example for Private-Public Cooperation that is so vital for the right competences and offering solutions for the needs in the modern city.

The video also points to the large market potential in Denmark for Smart City solutions. 50 per cent of Danish municipalities are already working with Smart City activities - and 80 percent of them expect to increase activities within the next two years.