Innovation, collabortion and knowledge are central to the creation of Albertslund as a green city. Albertslund works closely together with universities, knowledge institutions, private companies and other public authorities to achieve its ambitious green goals

Partnerships - Albertslund Kommune

Albertslund actively works to foster partnerships and collaboration among the public sector, businesses, and knowledge institutions, to accomplish many of its ambitious projects (also known as tripple helix).

By working together with other organizations and companies, Albertslund can bring the best of many perspectives to the table and ensure efficient, cost-effective, and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Albertslund is working closely with The Capital Region of Denmark as well as Copenhagen Municipality.

Global markets and international partners

In addition to its local partnerships, Albertslund is also active in many national and international partnerships that put it on the map as a leader in sustainability, Smart City technology, and future employment opportunities. 

Albertslund partnerships

Albertslund forms partnerships in many areas, both for the purpose of recruiting employees and creating new jobs, but also to promote innovative partnerships such as: