Business, Citizens and council improves green living

The green accounting system is one way of supporting the development of Albertslund as a Green City

Green accounting system - Albertslund Kommune

Since 1993, Albertslund local authority has been preparing a Green Accounting Statement showing the consumption of heat, electricity and water, production of waste and CO2 emissions. The objective is to reduce energy consumption and improve the environment. These efforts have yielded extraordinary results.

Green Accounting in everyday lives

The green accounting system invites council departments, citizens and businesses to record and improve their emissions, waste, energy and water consumption.

Ensuring that the environmental objectives are carried out on all levels we have set out a number of initiatives e.g.:

  • a high-speed bike lane links the town directly to the centre of Copenhagen. A so called cycle super highway
  • a 100 percent environmentally certified administration, with local environmental activities carried out in all of the municipl buildings from day care institutions to sport areas
  • a local office supports business and citizens on everyday matters concerning green living.