Climate Plan for urban development in Albertslund

Climate Plan 2009–2015 is Albertslund’s contribution to positive developments for our planet’s climate. It presents our vision, objectives, and activities for CO2 reduction

Climate plan - Albertslund Kommune

Albertslund was a laboratory for urban development when the city was established. To attain the ambitious climate objectives we intend with the climate Plan to develop and demonstrate new solutions for energy efficiency in private homes, industrial and commercial districts, and municipal buildings.

Cooperation, green transport and holistic thinking

We will enhance present cooperation and establish new ones giving us new insight and options for action in the climate field. We will work for greener municipal transport and contribute to integrating climate thinking in a holistic manner together with our focal issues: children, culture, and environment.

The objectives of our local authority for limiting the city's CO2 emissions by 25 % have been set up together with the other municipal partners in the Green cities cooperation. This means that the local authorities can hold each other to the ambitious climate objectives and obtain important common experience and anchoring of efficient local climate efforts leading to the desired results.

Read the plan here (brief version pdf).