Environmental Sustainability

We welcome businesses that help support our green goals. Greater Copenhagen is one of the greenest places in the world and we actively promote sustainable urban development

Environmental sustainability - Albertslund Kommune

In Albertslund, protecting the natural environment and minimizing the effects of the city's urban activities are of key importance.

Green City

In an effort to make the city as sustainable as possible, Albertslund has undertaken many projects, including the development of a green accounting system to monitor energy and water consumption, waste and emission production in the city's public buildings, residences, and businesses.

Green Cities is a close and binding partnership between the Danish municipalities of Albertslund, Allerød, Ballerup, Herning, Kolding and Copenhagen founded in 2000 and approved in 2012.

A Green Cities municipality does its utmost to maintain, protect and improve the environment and works towards creating a sustainable local community in the long term.

Smart City

Moving into the future, Albertslund hopes to be a hub for Smart City innovation that will promote advancements in technologies that will help make the city more efficient and sustainable.

Healty lifestyles

The city also promotes healthy and sustainable lifestyles for its residents that lead to environmental benefits, like bicycling rather than driving personal vehicles. 

Green Goals

In its 2013 City Plan, Albertslund set 3 sustainability goals for itself:

  • Reduce energy and resource consumption by effective and innovative solutions
  • Make it easy for citizens and businesses to be climate- and environmentally-conscious
  • Reduce CO2-emissions in 2015 by 25% compared to 2006 and by 80% compared to 1986

This initiative is part of the Green Cities project, where six municipalities have set high and ambitions goals for the future climate change.